Not the usual cafe planner


I stumbled upon this Japanese shopping website by accident,


which happens to be in English. Surprisingly the have tons of 2017 planners, the same ones one gets to see if you have been to a store in Japan like Loft or Itoya.

And if you are diligent enough to sift through a thousand and more of these, you get to discover a wide selection ranging from the usual kawaii stuff to something having an urban, artsy vibe, like this one designed by Yosuke Yonezu.

The Japanese have this long time love affair with paper, since it’s part of their culture, that is why you get to discover a lot of talented artists just scouring the stationary section.

The good thing, it’s not that hard to “shop” through this website. Since the Japanese Yen to Peso exchange rate got cheaper again, one cannot help but binge buy. Thank Japanese efficiency, they directly deliver the items to your house.